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Liquid-Liquid Extraction

CHROMABOND®XTR for liquid-liquid extraction

  • base material coarse-grained kieselguhr (also known as diatomaceous earth, hydromatrix, celite)
  • large pore size, high pore volume, constantly high batch-to-batch quality
  • pH working range 1 – 13


  • liquid-liquid extraction of highly viscous aqueous solutions such as physiological fluids (blood, plasma, and serum) in clinical chemistry, dyes in textiles, environmental and food analysis without use of a separation funnel
  • high water loadability without breakthrough of water during elution with organic solvents also suited for removing small amounts of water from solvents which are not miscible with water


  • fast, reproducible and economical
  • simultaneous preparation of several samples
  • no problems with phase separation ∙ no formation of emulsions
  • high recovery rates
  • saving of time and solvents
  • organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

Solvents applicable for elution

  • diethyl ether
  • tert-butyl methyl ether
  • ethyl acetate
  • n-hexane
  • cyclohexane
  • toluene
  • methylene chloride (dichloromethane)
  • chloroform (trichloromethane)
  • chloroform / methanol (90:10, v/v)
  • chloroform / methanol (85:15, v/v)
  • diethyl ether / ethanol (90:10, v/v)
  • diethyl ether / ethanol (80:20, v/v)
  • methylene chloride / 2-propanol (90:10, v/v)
  • methylene chloride / 2-propanol (85:15, v/v)
Sample Extraction

Sample Extraction

Spredinng Sample

Spreading Sample

Sample Elution

Sample Elution