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GC Accessories

Gas Management Products

Gas Purification & Control Panel

Traps (oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbon

Gas Regulators (H2, N2, O2, Chlorine, Ammonia, Argon, BF3)

Inline Particulate Filter

Gas Distribution Panel

Gas Control Box

Gas Manifold System

Tubing ( Copper, SS)



Cylinder Mounting Bracket

Casing & Capping for tubing

Ferrules for GC

Graphite ferrules

  • Highest temperature stability (up to 450 °C).
  • Reusable when handled with care

Vespel ferrules

Come in three types:

  • pure Vespel
  • Vespel with 15 % graphite
  • Vespel with 40 % graphite

PTFE ferrules

  • Can only be used up to 250 °C.
  • They are not re-usable and not recommended for temperature programming.

GC Column Connector

  • Universal fused silica column connector
  • Connects tubing from 0.15-0.53mmID
  • Deactivated for maximum inertness

Tube Cutters

For Stainless Steel tubing

For Plastic tubing

For Capillary tubing

Glass Wool

Glass wool, long fibres, DMCS treated

Quartz wool, very fine fibres

SS Fittings

  • Nuts
  • Unions
  • Adaptors
  • Reducers
  • Ferrules