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Silicone tubing for HPLC

Column Protection System – Innovative, pressure stable, universal!

This innovative and universal screw-on guard column holder system is suitable for all analytical HPLC columns with 1/16" fittings. It serves as ideal protection for your main column and leads to significant increase in column lifetime.

  • Minimized void volume – ideally suited for ultra fast HPLC
  • Pressure stability up to 1034 bar (15000 psi)
  • Optimized setup of the guard column – increased column lifetime
  • Visual contamination check

The guard column system is available for every MACHEREY-NAGEL HPLC phase as well as UNIVERSAL RP guard columns suitable for all HPLC columns under RP conditions.

Column Protection System

Guard Column & Holder

Guard Columns

Guard columns are available for almost all phases of columns.

Guard Column

Universal Guard Column Holder

Universal Guard Column Holder can be used with most brand
of HPLC columns with the help of SS tubing.

Universal Guard Column Holder